This is Primestar Field Services

Our Company is committed to quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. As part of the team, we hope you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is a rewarding aspect of your relationship with us.

Our success is determined by how well we operate as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day so that the customer makes the decision to choose our services. We sell service and service is provided by people. There are no magic formulas. Our success is built by creative, productive employees who are encouraged to make suggestions while thinking “outside the box.” Your job, every job, is essential to fulfilling our mission every day to the people who trust and respect us. The primary goal of Primestar Field Services, and yours, as one of its vendors, is to live our mission statement and continue to be an industry leader.

Company Mission Statement

Primestar Field Services has been recognized as a leader in the mortgage field services industry. To maintain this reputation, we ALWAYS provide the best completed project per client work order requirements and industry standards. We consistently strive to insure that our clients are informed with the most updated information throughout the entire process. We want our company to continue to be known for our high level of standards, work quality and customer service without fail. Our goal is to have the best looking REO property on the street. We want our properties to stand out in the neighborhoods we service.

By exceeding client expectations, Primestar Field Services will continue to be a leader in the mortgage field services industry.



Once we review your information and determine we have work in your area, we will issue you a Primestar VPak–a collection of documents required before you can begin to receive work from us. This will include a detailed Primestar Vendor Agreement, IRS form W-9, a Wells Fargo Code of Conduct Agreement, and Direct Deposit form if you elect to go paperless.

We require all of our contractors to have a background check through the Aspen Grove iRecord network. When you get your background check through Aspen Grove, you will be issued an ABC Number that will be used when you perform mobile check-ins at each property we service.

Here is a checklist of what we’ll require:

General Liability Insurance with Primestar Field Services listed as Certificate Holder. (This is a requirement, not an option.)

Errors & Omissions Insurance (Preservation contractors and Inspectors registered as a Corporation)

Copy of your automobile insurance policy

Copy of your state-issued driver’s license.

Proof of Workers’ Comp Insurance or exemption form.

Proof of Aspen Grove iRecord background check with ABC Number.

W9 (must match Business Entity or utilize Tax ID)

Wells Fargo Code of Conduct Agreement (signed)

Share your information with us by completing the Vendor Information Form>>