PSFS’ Inspection Services provide timely and accurate information regarding occupancy status, first time vacancy, and property condition. Inspections are completed in compliance with Investor/Insurer guidelines when needed. Inspectors ensure the highest timely completion percentage in the industry.

In addition to exterior and visual inspections, property preservation and preventative action is taken by completing interior inspections when available. The combination of both services allows us to effectively and accurately evaluate property condition and need, inside and out.


  • Initial Property Inspection
  • Monthly Interior Inspections on Vacant and Secure Properties
  • Three Contact Attempt Inspections
  • Fannie Mae Form 30 Property Inspection
  • Property Inspection
  • One Contact Attempt Inspection
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Inspection
  • Sale Date Inspections
  • Presidential FEMA Inspection
  • Bankruptcy Property Inspection
  • Two Contact Attempt Inspections
  • Field Inspection to Verify Occupancy
  • Loss Draft Inspection